Besitos Devon Rex




Besito's are back!

Ligeia av Jamas (N) is arriving in the end of august and with her a lot of old bloodlines are comming back to me. Thank you so much Unni!!! In augusti another exciting surprise will hopefully move in as well! More to come... Our last Maine Coon litter are now 3 months old and will soon leave our home. They have all found fantastic and loving homes.



We have decided to take a break with devons for a while. Maine Coon kittens are planned fall 2014. More info to follow



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Sophia Lindeblad and Martina Johansson


Our cattery is situated in Mariestad in the south west of Sweden just at lake Vänern. I live here with my dog chihuahua Åtta and my two children Martina and Marcus. We had our first devon litter 2007 and we just love our four-legged family members. My son has also had two litters of maine coon, but they are now neutered. Martina is now in training to be a steward and is also the owner, or owned by Ligeia av Jamas (N).


The kittens are growing up with us where ever we are. Of course even in our beds. Very close with lots of love. It is for usvery important to give them a good start in their lives. They stay with us until they are at least 14 weeks old. They are registered i SVERAK who is a part of FIFe.


If you have any questions please send me a mail or an sms or give me a call at +46 (0)70-91 00 508



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